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Welcome to the BlueTree Blog

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Welcome to BlueTree’s Website Design Blog.

If you’re a BlueTree website design client, you update your own site using a content management system, or CMS, that’s very easy to use.  The benefits are,

  • you save on-going costs because you don’t have to pay for updates;
  • you can make changes promptly, with no need to wait for someone else;
  • there are fewer errors, because people who know the subject do the updates.

But here’s the rub: many of  you are new to this. Creating a web site is a bit more complex than writing printed marketing documents. You can make mistakes early on that cost a lot of time and effort to fix later.

So, that’s why we started this Website Design Blog. Over time, we aim to build some guidelines to help you through this start-up process.

NB: we can’t tell you how to build the perfect website. Your perfect website will be unique to you. With luck, though, we can help you to get started and avoid some obvious pitfalls.

Good luck!