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starling bank - claimed to be britiai;s best bank

BlueTree Is Changing Banks

What’s Changing for Our Customers

We decided to change from HSBC to a more ethical bank, Starling. It only affects the way you pay us, so please excuse the nuisance. Check how ethical your own bank is here, at the bank.green website.

Immediate changes, which you’ll see on our invoices:

  • less flexible payee name
  • new sort code and account number

Later, the format and delivery of our our invoices will change as we adopt Starling’s accounting software.

That’s all – no need to read any more unless you want to.


We started the business, back in 1984, with an account at the Midland Bank, on the High Street in Portishead. In March 1992, HSBC acquired the Midland in one of the biggest businesses mergers of the time.

That makes us loyal customers for 48 years! We’ve had no complaints in all that time, and having a manned branch nearby when others are closing has been very convenient.

However, our enthusiasm has waned in recent years as we became more conscious of the damage we humans are doing to Planet Earth.

Why Change from  HSBC

Sadly, HSBC is not a green bank and this doesn’t chime with our environmental policy.

Why We Chose Starling Bank

Starling scores well and definitely avoids funding climate-damaging activities. Read more about Starling Bank here.

  1. green and ethical, with a good zero emissions plan
  2. they don’t invest in, or serve, organisations that damage our beautiful planet
  3. integrated accounting system that works with our bank account
  4. free bank account, since we don’t run an overdraft

Don’t forget to check how ethical your own bank is here, at the bank.green website.

Make an E-Christmas Card

E-Christmas Card Reasoning

E-cards seem like a cop-out to traditionalists, fine for a later generation. This can be true if you send the same card to everyone on your mailing list.

However, by sending a personal message with each card, you find a little time in your busy life to keep in touch with people you like and respect.  It’s the same as sending a physical card by post, except that:

  • it’s kinder to the environment, using less paper and fuel;
  • it saves you money, in cards and postage;
  • it saves time and fuel, as you don’t need to go buy and post them.

Now you can donate the money you’ve saved to your favourite charity!

BlueTree E-card

Our e-Christmas card is personal, one for each recipient. We send individual emails, with a link to a single page containing a general message for all recipients. We personalise it using a “to=” parameter. If you click this link, you’ll see an example.

We can change some of the text on the web page using our Content Management System, or CMS, but it changes for everyone. The individual message is in the email and the parameter.

Make Your Own

The “to=” parameter is too complex for the CMS. However, you can easily make an on-line e-card of your own, and keep the personal message for the email.

We’ll post more on how to do this later.