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What to Do When Your Webmaster Leaves

One of our clients had their webmaster leave recently.webmaster: the world on a computer screen

As in many small businesses, this webmaster had a senior role in the business. Webmaster was just one of the things he did – in whatever spare time he could find. It was an amicable parting, and he showed the others how to use their CMS, so they could continue updating the site.

However, nobody thought about all the webmaster logins, those things that don’t need attention very often.

By far the most important is your domain, e.g. bluetree.co.uk. If you do nothing else when your webmaster leaves, make sure you get hold of your domain management login name and password. This is important because,

  1. You rent the domain, paying in advance; if you fail to renew it, you’ll lose it – and your on-line brand into the bargain;
  2. A hacker could steal your domain and used to promote porn, terrorism and other unspeakable things – with subsequent damage to your reputation and the cost to restore it.

All this prompted us to write a new resource page: What to Do if Your Webmaster Leaves.