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Fresh Air and Fun in Portishead in Christmas Week

Want Some Fresh Air and Family Fun Over Christmas?

bluetree christmas treeYou may know that BlueTree is the tech part of the Visit Portishead partnership.

This Christmas, Visit Portishead needs help with one project and wants to promote another. The first is a crucial community resource that everyone should know about, the second is a bit of fun for all the family, a free-to-enter competition, with lots of fresh air and great prizes.

So gather your families, get out around Portishead, and use up those Christmas calories!

Portishead Lions Public Access Defibrillator Project

You will have noticed some of the green defibrillators popping up around the town. They don’t just “pop up” of course. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes.

In fact,twenty-six devices, available 24/7, are now distributed in and around Portishead, most of them provided by the Portishead Lions project. A still-growing resource, they’re known as PADs, Public Access Defibrillators, and AEDs, Automated External Defibrillators.

Now, if you need one, you’re going to be in a hurry. The quickest way to find one is to dial 999 and the operator will direct you. However, if you’re familiar with their locations, you can start running in the right direction whilst dialling, and save valuable seconds.

There’s a new defibrillator map on Visit Portishead. They want to make sure the map is correct and complete, so they need people to test it. If you’re ever near one of them, please will you spare a minute to check the map is correct?

  • does it it take you to the correct place?
  • can you improve the directions?
  • can you take a more useful photo?

If you spot an error,  can suggest an improvement, please click the Feedback link, bottom right on the page, and report it.

Portishead Christmas Picture Quiz

It’s free to enter and will help you and your kids, not to mention the dog, Granny and Grandpa, burn off those Christmas calories. And you may win prizes!

Twenty photographs of things around the town, and a question or two about each one. The aim is to get residents, new and old, young and old, to explore places they haven’t been before. It runs until midnight on New Year’s Day, so there’s plenty of time.

Enjoy it at Visit Portishead, the information resource for residents and visitors. Just tap or click the banner at the top of the page.

Love to hear what you think!

Portishead Picture Quiz Results

Child having fun with Portishead Christmas Picture QuizThanks to All Who Entered the Picture Quiz

Well, thanks to everyone who entered our quiz. It appears that, for every entry we received, there was at least one who started it but didn’t finish. From the feed-back we received (so far) everyone seemed to have had a good time.

Sorry, you can’t do the quiz again. We might decide to rerun it :o)

Picture Quiz Winners

We enjoyed meeting up with our two winners. They are, in a way, opposites.

First Prize PresentationThe first belongs to one of Portishead’s oldest families. With 29 points out of a possible 32, the winner was David Gale, retired auto engineer who has lived in Portishead since he was one week old. He knew some of the answers and solved those he didn’t by cycling around. “The trickiest one was the Seafarer’s Sculpture,” he said, “but once I worked out the most Easterly stone, I knew te answer. A school friend of mine had worked there, all those years ago!”

David’s was also the first entry received, making it an even more formidable achievement. Since there was no under-18’s winner, he chose the cash prize rather than the champagne.

Second prize winnersSecond prize, for scoring 27 points, goes to Paul Black, a new resident. This was a team effort from Paul, his partner Lynda French, and their Golden Retriever, Oscar. Paul moved to Portishead in 2005. He is a Homeopath and Bowen Therapist, who works in Portishead and Weston-super-Mare, and Lynda is an Acupuncturist. Visit Total Health Homeopathy to find out more.

Paul and Lynda are keen cyclists, run with the Portishead Running Club, and Paul is treasurer of the Portishead Yacht & Sailing Club. He said, “Oscar really enjoyed exploring different places in Portishead to find the answers. So did we!”

Lin Lawrence was one whose entry never made it. She emailed, “Loved the quiz. Lovely to know more about the place we live. Think I go around with my eyes closed. We are going to take it with us on a Devon weekend with the gang; it will make for an interesting evening.”

How We Calculated the Results

Since the “Judges’ decision is final,” we created a Master Result. You could have seen it here at one time, by clicking a link, but we’ve removed it in case we run the quiz again.

Next, we compared every entry with the master and scored it this way:

  • Wrong scored zero;
  • 100% correct answer, 2;
  • Satisfactory answer, 1.

In the case of a tie, we would add a bonus point for answers that go the extra mile.

Portishead Christmas Picture Quiz

Santa's hat, picture, question mark: Portishead Christmas Picture QuizAbout the Quiz

Have some local fun, out and about on the Internet!
Maybe even win a prize!

Sixteen photographs, all taken in Portishead, sit on a web page. All you have to do, is wander round the town with a print-out, smart-phone or tablet, and answer a question about each picture.

The main thing is to explore parts of the town that you maybe haven’t seen before. The quiz runs for the whole of December, so there’s plenty of time.

Couch potatoes may be able to get some of the answers on the Internet, but not all of them … we hope!


The idea came to us when my wife and I were looking out to sea from Battery Point. We overheard someone say, “D’you know, I’ve lived in Portishead for over two years and I never knew this place existed!”

Perhaps there are long-time residents like us who have never walked around the Marina, too.

So, we thought it might be nice to encourage new residents to look around the old parts of town, and old Possett people to pluck up the courage and enter the new.

Hope you like it. www.bluetree.co.uk/quiz.