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On-going Support for Peace of Mind

Our On-going Support service is designed to take all the hassle out of owning a website, leaving you to get on with growing your business.

This list is a mixture of:

  1. techie things every website owner ought to do regularly, but usually doesn't, to make sure everything is working properly
  2. BlueTree CMS support that you don't get with many other Content Management Systems

All these benefits come with your BlueTree website, and are included in your monthly fee. NB. Whilst the other benefits apply, BlueTree CMS is not available to owners of Sole Trader websites, as we do their updates.

BlueTree On-going Support Features

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You can update your web pages from anywhere in the world, using just a web browser and an Internet connection. You may use any device: a desk-top computer, laptop, Internet café computer, tablet, iPhone or Smartphone. Though you may prefer not to use your smartphone, simply because it's too small.

And all your updates will be responsive, to work on mobiles, since the design and branding on all pages, including new ones, is controlled by the templates we've built for you.

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Conversations between your website and visitors' browsers are encrypted, ensuring they cannot be eavesdropped by spammers. A current digital certificate proves this to browsers and search engines. It must be renewed every three months.
Occasionally (it's happened once to us), a certificate provider ceases trading, then we have to swap to another.

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Whilst you'll want to update your own website, crop images and upload images and documents, we’ll help with the occasional small task if you get stuck. Or if you have an urgent update, or a blog post, and are just too busy, we'll do it for you.

Just email BlueTree Support. We do this stuff all the time, so we’ll probably do it much faster than you could.

Naturally, we can’t do this sort of thing every five minutes, nor tackle larger jobs. In this event, we’ll quote you a low fixed price as usual.

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This is for when you get a problem using our CMS. If we don't spot it, just email us and we'll sort it out pretty promptly for you.

If we supplied your mail forwarder, then we'll sort out problems with that, too. Just email BlueTree Support and we'll fix it as fast as we can.

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Occasionally, something will go wrong.

  • You'll delete a web page by accident - we'll get it back for you
  • Your website will go off the air and you won't know why - we monitor up-time, so we'll notice, probably before you do, and put it back up
  • You'll want to add a movie, or do something else you haven't done for ages, and won't remember how - just email or phone and we'll help you get it done

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We lease our servers from Memset, the UK's first carbon-neutral ISP. You can be confident that your website will be hosted in the UK, protected from terrorists and natural catastrophes.

It will serve your business well, with high up-time and fast page loads.

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We operate a continuous improvement policy, so we'll keep enhancing our CMS. On-going developments provide benefits such as:

  • ease-of-use and productivity enhancements
  • new features requested by clients
  • technology changes that can, for example, improve page load speed
  • accommodate changes to search engine algorithms and emerging Internet standards, to improve your chances of good page rank

Some enhancements may be optional, or require separate attention to each affected website. We may make a small charge for these. Recent examples include:

  • implement new legal requirements, such as the recent EU Cookie Policy directive
  • the move towards mobile-friendly websites, which started in 2014
  • the change to HTTPS, which browsers started to encourage in 2016

And, in the unlikely event of an upgrade causing problems, we'll sort them out. We won't leave you to sort problems out on your own.

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There's a lot of software on the server supporting your website. This includes the operating system, web server and database software, amongst other things. Each software author has his own improvement programme and inconsistencies can arise, requiring attention to keep your website on line.

We won't leave you to sort these out yourself, either.

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We monitor your web server’s up-time and response time every few minutes and respond promptly should performance deteriorate.

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Google Analytics allows you to check website visitor activity. It shows which pages users visit, what devices and web browsers they used, and a host of other interesting stuff.

You'll need to open a Google account to use it, if you don't already have one. So long as you don't mind baring your soul to the US giant's database and analysis, this is a great way to learn how people use your website, and what you can do to improve their experience.

On request, we'll show you what to do and load the necessary files onto your website.

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If you notice a problem, or think of a way to improve the BlueTree CMS, we'd like to know.

Just fill out our contact form, or send us an email, and we'll add your idea to our enhancements database.

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As well as our public resources, we have a continually growing library of helpful web pages, tools and videos that will help keep your website in tip-top condition.

We'll email you each time we make a new one, though you can opt out if you wish.

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If we arranged your domain, we'll renew it and charge you later, so you don't lose it by missing a payment.

We prefer you to pay the renewal costs directly, it's better all under your control. Your domain is an important business asset, and someone in authority in your business ought to manage it. Here's what can happen if you don't own your domain.

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You may decide that you don't want to use BlueTree CMS any more, transfer to another web designer, or just to leave your website dormant. Please give one month's notice. We will unload your web pages and send them to your new webmaster in a compressed format, so they can arrange hosting elsewhere.

We'll also refund any unused pre-payments, after the month's notice.

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We used BlueTree support for several years, and we are very pleased. They're always quick to respond, quick to turn projects around and they are faultless in their work.

They also go above and beyond the task involved and will use their specialist skills to provide additional advice for improvement which has been extremely beneficial to us.

They are great to work with and are quick to identify any faults that may appear in the website and are able to offer a solution.

I highly recommend BlueTree's services as they provide an excellent service to us.

Suzi Molloy
On-line Marketing Manager UKIMEA, Infor Global Solutions Ltd

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