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Website Maintenance Service in Bristol

Website Out of Date?

  • Webmaster on holiday or off sick?
  • Backlog of website updates?
  • Don't want the hassle and cost of another employee?
  • Internet techie left suddenly, or on maternity / paternity leave?
  • Person who built your website no longer in business?
  • Or just not enough hours in the day?

A website that isn't updated regularly will lose search engine rank. So will a website with broken links, poor grammar, over-sized images, or a host of other things that creep in when inexperienced staff update the site.

BlueTree Maintenance Service

Use our website maintenance service for short- or long-term web site maintenance for websites using BlueTree CMS.

  1. Our normal monthly support fee covers occasional small updates, such as a text change or an image swap
  2. For sporadic jobs of half an hour or more, you can buy hourly units of work. Buy as many and as often as you need. It's all explained here
  3. For more substantial work, such as adding a new page template, copywriting, search engine optimisation and so on, we'll quote a fixed price

Remember, we're always on stand-by. We guarantee a 2-3 working day turnaround. If you like, we'll come and work with your team for a day. Together we can eat into your backlog, and it's great for Internet knowledge transfer.

Call now, on 0117 339 0095 to discuss our maintenance options.

Why Choose BlueTree Website Maintenance?

We do this kind of thing all the time, so we work faster and smarter.

We'll keep your website up and your costs down.

  • Prompt updates: one to three working day turnaround
  • De-clutter some or all of your web pages to make them more search engine friendly
  • No job too small: small or large changes
  • Search engine friendly copywriting for the Internet
  • We're flexible: we'll do pretty much anything website related (and legal :o)

Within 20 Miles of Bristol?

We like local work because it keeps down our carbon footprint, but we're happy to travel for big projects or charities.

Call now on 0117 339 0095 for a chat and a free Website Maintenance quotation, or email us using this contact form.

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Client testimonial

Global Software Vendor

"BlueTree stepped in when our webmaster left suddenly and we never looked back.  They're flexible, accurate, proactive and prompt, use our house CMS and fit in comfortably with our global web site team."
Rachel Reid, Marketing Director, EMEA


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