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About BlueTree Website Design, Portishead, Bristol

Local Website Designers

Based in Portishead, Bristol, BlueTree is a small family business that’s been trading successfully in the IT sector since 1984. We've been designing web sites since before the turn of the century.

With apparently free sites on offer from global corporations, we believe we have to offer much more to survive and prosper in our chosen field of business. So what more do we offer?

We want you to own, manage and maintain your own website. With that in mind, we offer:

  • Personal service: come and see us, we're just around the corner :o)
  • Proven design process: together we'll design your perfect website - your ideas and enthusiasm meet our Internet knowledge to deliver a website that meets your objectives
  • Update your own website: instant updates, low on-going costs
  • Mobile-friendly website: important because of the number of tablets and smartphones out there
  • Free initial meeting: independent advice, no charge, no obligation; we'll talk about your goals, your target market, your branding and the best ways to use the Internet - for you
  • Full Digital Marketing service: all you need to promote your brand on line
  • On-going support: a skilled webmaster always available to help
  • Cost effective: Our component-based approach keeps costs down and quality up

Our People


Mark Fielden

Mark Fielden. After Management Training with Unilever, I started as a computer programmer with Rolls Royce, where I stayed for 20 years, ending up as a senior manager in Production Control. In 1984 I joined a start-up training and services company whose aim was to take big-company production management and IT understanding to SME’s. After a couple of years training senior managers in some of the UK's leading manufacturing companies, they let me lead a team that developed one of the first UNIX ERP packages, sold across the world.

Mark Fielden LinkedIn profile  Find Mark on LinkedIn.


Dave Fielden

Dave Fielden. After 2000 AD, the ERP software market started to consolidate, reducing opportunities for a small software businesses. This coincided with the Internet explosion, so I brought my graphic design experience to the company. Over the years, I've acquired a good understanding of the IT issues surrounding web design and delivery, leading to this comment from a client IT company.

I've developed so many websites, for so many different types of business, that I know we can do a great job for anyone. My work has been used in manufacturing, distribution, automotive, education, the service sector ... it has even been deployed in Her Majesty's Cabinet Office.

Dave Fielden LinkedIn profile  Find Dave on LinkedIn.


Chris Fielden

Chris Fielden. I have owned (alone and with others) and run three businesses. At the same time, I’ve written several books and developed a respected and popular on-line writing resource. I worked at Strategy Digital for 6 years, rising to the position of Operations Director. SD was acquired by Fat Media in 2015, a multi-award-winning, full-service digital agency. I worked at FM as Digital Marketing Director, overseeing the transition from the acquisition and running the Bristol office, before leaving to concentrate on building my own business. I also work part time at BlueTree as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Chris Fielden LinkedIn profile  Find Chris on LinkedIn.

BlueTree’s Mission

  • To grow our business by providing tools that help SMEs around Bristol grow theirs.
  • Tools that give them control over their own websites and remove the uncertainties surrounding Internet marketing.
  • To do this in a fair and sustainable businesslike way that puts clients first – in the expectation they’ll put us first, too.

We hope you’ll agree that we’re achieving this aim with our on-going updates to this website’s resources and our website design blog.

If you don’t agree, or would like to know more, please let us know here.

Continuous Improvement

Successful manufacturing companies have had a formal approach to Continuous Improvement since the middle of the 20th Century. At BlueTree we have the same ideals.  If we can find ways to work better and smarter, we will, so we can deliver better value to our clients.

Client Support

We value our clients greatly, and we look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship with every one. To this end, we provide regular reports, SEO hints and tips and a host of other small services that we hope will help them keep their web sites in tip-top condition.

We use our Client Support Area to keep in touch with our clients.

Client Privacy

We respect the privacy of our clients and anyone who contacts us, or signs up for a newsletter or regular email.  We will not divulge client email addresses, or any other business or personal information to third parties.

Our website uses HTTPS: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, so all access to it is encrypted, ensuring your privacy. We'll store your data securely, in local computers connected by LAN, all protected by very strong passwords. We'll keep your data until either, we have no miore use for it, or you request its removal. We won't use it data for any purpose other than that for which it was collected.

For marketing reasons, we store the names and email addresses of people who contact us so we can send them interesting stuff from time to time. For our customers, we also hold postal addresses, contractual and invoice data. If you'd like to see what we hold about you, would like us to correct it or delete it, please send us a request using this Contact Form.

For clients who require it, we will work under a legally binding mutual NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement, either ours or theirs.

Fair Pricing Policy

We build websites using a "Component-Based Design" methodology. We build every website using components from a library we have compiled over many years. This keeps costs down and quality up because a) we don't have to write and test so much code, and b) each component has been tested already in many different scenarios.

  • We will calculate the build price based solely on the time it takes to assemble our components into your website, test and deploy them
  • Should we build a new component solely for you, we will charge for the time it takes
  • Should we build you a new component that we think will be useful to others, we will not charge you for the development, just for its integration with your site
  • We will raise (or lower ;-) our prices, from time to time, in line with the UK Consumer Price Index

Fair Usage Policy

We don't limit the number of pages, images, movies or documents you load onto your website. However, you will be sharing our resources with other clients so we need to be sure this is done fairly.

The same applies to our time. On request, we'll do urgent little jobs for you, like optimising an image, correcting some copy or loading some content if you're too busy.

  • if you begin to use a lot of space, we'll ask you to pay a small additional monthly charge (nobody has reached this limit so far)
  • if you ask us to do a big job, one we feel exceeds what we can do under our normal support contract, we'll quote you a fixed price and invoice you; remember, you can do many of these things yourself using your CMS
  • if your website uses so much bandwidth, either permanently or sporadically, that we need to upgrade our server, we'll add part of the extra cost to your monthly support fee or suggest we move your site to your own server (that hasn't happened yet, either)

We also ask that you resize and optimise images before loading them onto your website. Photographs, including those taken using a mobile phone, can consume a lot of disc space if not optimised. They also slow down page load, which puts off visitors and may lower your Google page rank. We'll help with this too, if you want.

Client Testimonials

Please look at some of our recent work to read what some of our clients say about us.

Environmental Policy

As parents and grandparents, we have a stake in the quality of our local environment, the world around us, and our Planet Earth as a whole.  We take this seriously and look continually for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Examples:

  • We work from home, which minimises travelling
  • Solarplicity powers our business
  • We minimise waste by using email, phone and The Cloud for communication and collaboration and recycling everything we can
  • Our own, and our clients’, web sites are hosted by Memset, the UK’s first carbon-neutral ISP

We Like to Work Locally

Whilst we will travel for charities and big contracts, we prefer to help SME's in our own area, within maybe an hour's travel of our centre here in Portishead. In view of this, we:

Our World

We're not a wealthy company, and we don't make a lot of money, but we do like to do our bit to help improve our locality, and charities that have a special meaning for us.

In 2015 we sponsored a flower festival at Pill Methodist Church, which donated £560 to bladder cancer research.

Since 2016, our Christmas charity has been Deki, a crowd-funded bank which helps small African entrepreneurs work their way out of hardship, and not rely on charity hand-outs. If you've ever been to Africa, you'll understand the draw. Read about it in our blog.

We support these local groups by helping with their websites:

Call BlueTree Website Design

For a free consultation, call 0117-339-0095 or contact us here.

Portishead Lighthouse, near our business.

Green Web Sites

We host our web sites and cloud-based services with Memset, the UK's first carbon-neutral ISP. An award-winning company, they offer 100% up-time, ultra-fast response and Government accredited security.

Memset hosting logo

Green Offices

We work from home, which minimises travel, keeps down costs and carbon emissions.

We use renewable electricity from LoCO2, and now they even get some of their gas from renewable sources: methane (don't ask :o)

Lo CO2 Energy logo



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