Site Map: BlueTree Website Design Ltd

  • Website Design - Website Design
    We provide a range of website design options. Choose from our Target Page, Multi Page and Custom Website Development packages.
    • Target Page Website - Target Page Website
      Our Target Page Website Design package is a cost effective site for sole traders and startups.
    • Multi Page Website - Multi Page Website
      Our Multi Page Website Design Package is great for showcasing your business. No page limit. Includes a portfolio and contact form as standard
    • Custom Website Design - Custom Website Design
      If you would like a custom system deveoped for your website, please get in touch
  • Other Services - Other Services
    Find out about our other services related to your website including Google AdWords Management, Website Visitor Statistics and Logo Design
    • Google Ads - Google Ads
      BlueTree Website Design can help you set up and manage your Google Ads.
    • Logo Design - Logo Design
      Need a logo for your website? We can help
  • Support - Support
    We normally host and support all the websites we design. You can update your own website, or we can manage the udpates for you.
    • FAQs - FAQs
      By answering questions people have asked, this page explains some features of BlueTree's websites, procedures and Content Management System.
    • Resources - Resources
      Website design resources, intended to save small business managers’ time and help them build and maintain a successful Internet presence
  • About Us - About Us
    BlueTree is a website design and digital marketing business based in Portishead, serving small and large businesses in and around the Portishead, North Somerset and Bristol areas.
  • Contact Us - Contact Us
    Contact page for BlueTree, Portishead-based, mobile-friendly website design and Digital Marketing company.

Why Have a Site Map?

This page contains what's called a "User-friendly site map." It lists all the key content of your website in plain English.

Some people prefer to navigate using site maps like this. Visually impaired people like them because they use screen reading software and all the pages are listed in a logical sequence.

How to Make a Site Map

You can either manually generate a site map for your website using BlueTreeCMS, or for a small fee we can add a sitemap template to your website (like this one) that will automatically update every time a new page is added.

Want a sitemap added to your website?

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