BlueTree Cookie Policy

This page describes how we, BlueTree Web Design Limited, use cookies and comply with "The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011".

Please do not use our site if you are not happy with our Cookie Policy.

Our Cookie Policy in a Nutshell

We do use cookies:

  • to see which pages people visit, so we can improve the website;
  • to display embedded videos that we host on YouTube.

We can not identify you from these cookies, do not use them for advertising, nor do we share any information we store in them with other organisations.

Why We Need a Cookie Statement

The EU e-Privacy Directive, which came into force in the UK on 26 May, 2012, requires websites to explain what cookies are and how they use them. It also requires websites that use cookies to ask permission of users before leaving a cookie on their computer or mobile device.

The UK government watered down the requirements for UK-owned web sites. After pointing out that we use them, we can now assume the answer's yes, you can use cookies. We don't have to stop the website for each user until he or she consents.

Cookies: an Explanation

Cookies are tiny text files. Any website may ask your browser to put cookies on your computer. Site owners use them to help personalise your visits and use your time more productively .

Some cookies are used to help advertisers select ads that are personally tailored.

In general, cookies are safe and make your web browsing easier.

Types of Cookie

We describe cookies using guidance published by the ICC, the UK International Chamber of Commerce. You can read it all here. It lists four cookie categories:

  1. Strictly necessary: you can't access the website without them, e.g. when you log on to a private area;
  2. Performance: these cookies gather information about how people use the website, they don't identify individuals, e.g. Google Analytics:
  3. Functionality: these remember choices or preferences you select, also services you use on the website, such as watching a video; they don't identify individuals either;
  4. Targeting or advertising: these track your personal information and make it available to advertisers so you may receive ads on other websites that relate to things you've looked for recently.

NB: You won't get any ads on our website.

How We Use Cookies

We use category 1 cookies when you log in to your private client area on our site, to keep your data private.

We use category 2 cookies to track the pages you visit on our website. We analyse tracking data to see which pages attract the most interest and work out how to improve the site for all users.

We use category 3 cookies to run embedded videos hosted on YouTube.

We don't use category 4 cookies.

How to Stop Cookies

Your browser will accept cookies by default. You can change this setting whenever you want. See your browser help for details. The easiest way to find out what to do is to search for:

how to change cookie settings in browser name (Firefox, Chrome, IE8, etc.)

Usually you have the option to stop all cookies or just third-party ones. Third party cookies are placed on your computer with the permission of the website you're looking at, but by another website, often an advertiser. Category 4 cookies are usually third party ones.

Stopping third-party cookies should have no important effect. You may find some useful features of our website no longer work if you stop all cookies.

We understand that, some time in the future, web browsers may offer to turn off individual categories, rather than just third-party cookies.

How to Remove Cookies

Stopping cookies like this doesn't get rid of cookies already present on your computer or mobile device. Sites that you've visited may already have dropped cookies. In the same way as before, using your browser settings, or ask your favourite search engine:

how to delete cookies in browser name (Safari, Opera, IE7, etc.)

You can delete selected cookies, or all of them. If you delete all, you'll get asked again at websites you've already visited. Now you know all about cookies, you'll be able to make an informed decision.

NB: be careful not to delete other things, like stored passwords or bookmarks. Replacing them could get very irritating.

Help with Cookie Law

If you'd like help adapting your website to meet your obligations under the e-Privacy Directive, please contact us now.