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Websites need somewhere to live, a server on the internet - hosting.

All our packages come with hosting. We rent a super fast server located in a secure bunker in the UK. This allows us to offer our clients business class hosting at entry level prices.


When it comes to updates, you can either do them yourself using BlueTreeCMS (our in-house Content Management System), or we can do the updates for you.

For occasional, quick updates, we don't charge a fee (e.g. update a bit of text, or swap out a photo once every month or so).

Sometimes you'll want larger updates (like a new page, or a refresh of your portfolio photos).  You can do this with our CMS, or we can do this for you at our usual reasonable rates :)


Got a question when editing your website with BlueTreeCMS, or need a bit of a hand, not a problem :)

We're also here to help with advice if you get stuck with anything related to your website (e.g. setting up a Google business listing, problems when managing your domain name).

FAQs & Resources

Read our FAQs and resources pages for how-to videos and more...

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