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Site Map: BlueTree Website Design

You'll find ideas on how to make a user-friendly sitemap in the right-hand column on this page. If you're viewing on a mobile, you probably need to scroll down below the sitemap itself.

BlueTree.co.uk Site Map


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Why Have a Site Map?

This page contains what's called a "User-friendly site map." It lists all the key content of your website in plain English.

Some people prefer to navigate using site maps like this. Visually impaired people like them because they use screen reading software and all the pages are listed in a logical sequence.

How to Make a Site Map

It's easy to make a site map using your Content Management System.

  1. List the titles from all the pages on your website using a text editor, such as Windows Notepad or, on a Mac, TextEdit using plain text format;
  2. Open a new blank page on your website using a suitable template in your CMS;
  3. Copy the whole file from your text editor and paste it into the new page;
  4. Make sure the titles look sensible and arrange them in a logical sequence.
  5. Now browse your website in another window and copy / paste the URLs from your web browser into hyperlinks on the relevant lines in your site map;
  6. TIP: don't add a hyperlink to the site map line or you'll create a loop, and confuse the search engines;
  7. Format the page nicely, with indented lines to group your pages if necessary;
  8. Now add a suitable title and heading, and you're done!
  9. Don't forget to update it each time you add, delete, or rename a web page.
  10. TIP: don't forget to add a link to your sitemap from at least one other page. If you're a BlueTree CMS user, just ask and we'll put the link in your template page footers, so it'll be available from every page.

All Too Much Bother?

We can help. Call BlueTree now! Phone 0117 339 0095, or complete our contact form.


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