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Digital Marketing from BlueTree

Traditional SEO is Dead

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is what people used to do to make search engines like their websites.  As Google gets cleverer, SEO becomes less relevant. The clever tricks used by SEO practitioners are now, at best, ignored by Google or, at worst, treated as spam.

However, getting your website onto the first page of search results still needs a lot of hard work. You still can't just to write a few web pages and expect them to appear on page 1.

NB: We tend to say "Google" when we mean "Search Engine", but there are others.  With nearly 90% of the UK search market, Google is the one to watch. If your website impresses Google, that can have a similar effect on the others.

BlueTree Approach

BlueTree clients are SME’s, based mainly around Bristol and in surrounding counties. Most have local target markets. Whilst it’s hard (and very costly) to compete for search results in a national or international market, local marketing is easier to handle.

Consequently, we have evolved a staged approach to make digital marketing affordable for SME's.

Digital Marketing

We use a staged marketing plan, with action lists tailored to each client. This helps keep costs down: you only pay for what you need. You can reduce the cost further by taking on some of the work.

Even so, it can still prove too expensive for a small business. If you prefer to go it alone, check out our Digital Marketing Blog pages. And please leave us a comment or two about your experiences - we're always ready to learn.

If you decide to go it alone, we have a steadily growing set of help in our Digital Marketing Blog. Please add comments as we all need to keep up with Google's latest changes.

Digital Marketing in Portishead, Bristol

We're based in Portishead, near Bristol. We like to meet our clients face to face. This helps us understand their business and do a better job.

If you live within a reasonable drive of Bristol, please call us to talk about your digital marketing requirements. 0117 339 0095, or contact us.

grave stone, R I P - S E O

Google Made SEO Obsolete

Not so long ago, clever SEOs could manipulate search engines to rank web pages. Now Google has outsmarted them all, and this is no longer possible.

Where Google goes, others follow.



Client Testimonial

Force 9 Business Solutions, Ltd.

“Our site seems always to be on page and we get good leads from it. We are happy to recommend BlueTree." 
Justin Mossman, Sales Director.

We Can Do The Same For You.

Call 0117 339 0095, or contact us.


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