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Digital Marketing Stages


SME's need to keep costs under control, so we've evolved a simple approach to Digital Marketing. You can do it yourself if you want.

  • Understand your market and identify the phrases people search for when looking for a business like yours.
  • Check your current position in search results, and start regular monitoring.
  • Assess your best chance: organic search results, pay-per-click advertising, something else - or a combined approach.

Each month, or more often if we think it necessary, we will monitor your website's position and recommend action to improve or maintain it.

Strategy Stage

First we'll meet to discuss your objectives for your website, and how they fit in with your overall marketing strategy. We'll cover your keywords and your competition, and agree goals, and the best way to proceed.

Which path, or combination of paths, will deliver the results you need?

  • Search engine appeal;
  • Local search marketing;
  • Social media;
  • Pay per click;
  • Traditional means like, print, publications, leaflet drops and the like;

or (usually) a combination of these.

Tactical Stage

Tactics will depend on many factors:

  • your target markets and its location;
  • your budget;
  • how much time you have available to help.

With these things in mind, we’ll suggest only those tasks that are most appropriate, only as many as are necessary to succeed:

  • Keyword review: sets the scope for our project;
  • Website review: how to make your site conform to Google’s web page standards;
  • Anti-spam review: to make sure your site is not penalised;
  • Additional website content: to make your site more useful in search engines' eyes;
  • An in-bound linking strategy, to integrate your website with relevant on-line communities;
  • "Site alive" strategy: devise ways to make and to keep your site useful and exciting;
  • Optimise landing pages: identify existing pages, or create new pages, with the correct focus to attract visitors who might become customers;
  • Microdata review: "Microdata" is an HTML standard for explaining your web page contents to search engines;
  • A local Internet presence: engage with your local Internet community;
  • Social media strategy: target new clients in new ways;
  • Pay-per-click advertising: for faster results, until organic search has worked.

Monitoring Stage

Regular monitoring and adjustment is key to reaching your goal.

  • Monitor performance against goals, report once a month, usually;
  • Analyse traffic - where does it come from? How do people use your website?
  • Identify the source of each new lead - which are the best performers?
  • Competitor benchmarking: what works for them might work for you;
  • Advise change of tactics, and actions for next month.

At each stage, we will recommend changes for your staff to make. If you don’t have the time, we can use your content management system to make changes on your behalf.

Your Next Step

We're based in Portishead, near Bristol. We like to meet our clients face to face. This helps us understand their business and do a better job.

If you live within a reasonable drive of Bristol, please call us to talk about your Digital Marketing requirements. 0117 339 0095, or contact us.

Local search marketing

Local Search Marketing


First Stage

Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing.

Contact BlueTree or call us on 0117 339 0095


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