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Is Your Business Already On the Internet?

If you've been in business for a while, your business may already be on the Internet.

On this page we'll try to help you find out, then we can show you what to do about it.

And all for free!

Follow These Simple Steps to Find Your Business

Click on the steps below for more detail. Click again to remove detail.

Search on Google for your business name, town and post code. The more information you give Google, the more likely it will find you.

google logo that appears at the bottom of search results illustrating many pages in the search resultsCheck the first few pages by clicking on 2, 3, 4 at the bottom of the results page. Just check the first few pages.

Found your business? This may be where some of your customers come from.

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Google your business phone number, e.g. 01173 390095.

If you're not using Google, it might be as well to try other formats, in quote marks. E.g. our number may appear as, "0117 339 0095", "01173 390 095", "0117 390095" or just plain old 01173390095 (no quotes needed).

The quote marks tell engines to search for a whole phrase, rather than each word separately.

Still not found? Have you ever moved, or changed your business name or phone number? Try the old ones. Try combinations of new and old information.

They may have your name spelled wrong. Your post code may have changed.

Keep trying until you can't think of any more ways to search.

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where to find google maps search toolSearch Google for your business name. Click on the word "Maps" in the drop-down menu.

Now search again using your business phone number, post code, business name and so on, as before.

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Wow! How did you get there?

If you don't have a web site of your own, you probably found your name in some business directories.  These are web sites that scour the paper and the digital world for businesses and build lists of them.

If you're on page 1 of Google's search results, then leave well alone.  You should check again from time to time to make sure you're still there.

If you're on page 2 or later, that's useless. You need to do two things,

  1. Go to your directory entries, claim them and improve them;
  2. Make or claim your Google My Business page.

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Don't be discouraged! It's easy.

Follow this link to see how to make yourself a Google My Business page.

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