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BlueTree Support Ticket


BlueTree Website Support Tickets

Support tickets are prepaid units of work.
Use them on any BlueTree website or, by special arrangement, on sites using other Content Management software.

They save you signing up for a long-term contract, but give you access to a skilled webmaster for odd jobs on your web site.


  • A skilled webmaster at your beck and call;
  • Cost-effective way to maintain your website;
  • More productive marketing staff - they get on with their day job;
  • Reduce the risk of web site screw-ups.

We do this stuff every day, so we work smarter and faster: we can do in minutes what might take less experienced staff hours.

How Support Tickets Work

  1. A small update to your website has been hanging around for days. Everyone is busy.
  2. You send us instructions, buy an 1-hour support ticket, we do the work – say 10 minutes – you have 50 minutes in the bank, ready for next time.
  3. Next time just email your request, we do the work.
  4. We'll email you when each task is done so you can test the changes.
  5. You can check how much time you have left by looking at the support ticket on our web site.
    It’s private, accessed by your unique username and password.


Support tickets come in units of one man-hour and should be used within three calendar months.

Turnaround time



Expires after

Three working days



3 months

Please call 0117 339 009 if you'd like to discuss longer term contracts.

Small Print

  1. When we receive your requirements, we will allocate a ticket number and send you an invoice.
  2. We'll start work as soon as we receive your payment. We prefer payment by bank transfer.
    It's also very convenient to pay by SMS text message if you use Bristol PoundsBristol Pound small logo
  3. If there isn’t enough time left on your open support ticket to finish a task, we will tell you; you pay for another ticket and we'll send another invoice
  4. We will use your BlueTree Content Management System or, by arrangement, another CMS
  5. For website development work that cannot be done using the CMS, we'll quote a fixed price and agree a completion date
  6. If you don't use BlueTree CMS, we may use the first one or two tickets getting to know your website. We'll estimate how long before we start
  7. Just in case we make a mistake, we rely on you to check what we've done on receipt of our task completion email
  8. Neither of us wants to get bogged down in book-keeping, so unused portions of a ticket expire after their lifetime and remaining time is lost
  9. By “working day”, we mean Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding UK Public Holidays plus the period between Christmas and New Years Day
  10. By "three working days turnaround", we mean that we'll complete a task by close of play three days after you send the request
    E.g. email received any time up to 5pm on Friday, task complete by 6pm Wednesday
  11. Whilst we'll do our best to get everything right, things do go wrong on occasion. If we mess something up, we'll fix it promptly, free of charge
  12. If, through an error on our part, you decide to end our relationship, we'll refund any unspent time on your support tickets. However, we won't be held responsible for consequential losses.

More Information

Call BlueTree now on 0117 339 0095, or email us using this contact form.

Find Out More About Support Tickets

Call 0117 339 0095, or contact us here for more information.


Buy Support Tickets with Bristol Pounds

Bristol Pounds LogoWe accept Support Ticket payments in Bristol Pounds (£B). It's quick, it's easy, and they notify us the minute you've paid, so we can get on with the job.




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