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Website Design in Portishead, Bristol

Need a Website Designer?

Are you a Small to Medium-sized Enterprise, especially one in or around Bristol?

  • New business in need of a website?
  • Website review needed?
  • Website not encrypted or not mobile-friendly?
  • Have to pay somebody every time you need an update?
  • Website hard to navigate?

Website Design by BlueTree

We've been designing great websites since before the turn of the century. We design and support websites for all sectors: Manufacturing, Apparel, Medical, Entertainment, Software, IT, Training, Local Government, Education…

Our clients can update their own websites using our easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

We operate a well-established website design procedure to ensure you get a design that you like and a website that delivers.

Our portfolio contains just a few of the sites we've worked on over the years.

A Whole Solution, not Just a Piece of Software

Having worked with small businesses for many years, we've built a total website package that takes all the hassle out of owning a website - and at a great price, too.

Your BlueTree Website Comes as a Whole Package:

  • a formal design process with on-line progress monitoring, so you're in control
  • a unique design that promotes your brand and reflects your business ethos
  • a responsive, mobile-friendly website that works well on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • help with domain selection, encryption and management (your domain is your website address on the internet)
  • proper domain email adresses to give authority and credibility to your business
  • a simple, safe system (a "CMS"), for updating website content, under your total control
  • your contact details hidden from programs that crawl the web looking for easy-to-access personal data
  • responsible, carbon-neutral website hosting, based in the UK for speed and added security
  • access to that hidden, on-page SEO information for which most hosts charge extra
  • on-going support from an experienced webmaster to sort out any problems, whenever they occur
  • and much, much more...

Choose from Three Design Solutions

Our Methodology Delivers Results at Sensible Prices

We build each website from a library of components, overlaid with your unique design. This means we can deliver a unique website at reasonable cost and in a comparatively short time, whichever solution you select.

All our websites load fast, work on mobiles, and help with search engine ranking.

We'll upgrade your website from one product to a higher one at any time. We'll only charge you the difference between the price you paid and that of the new option prevailing at the time.

Sole Traders, the Self Employed, Therapists and Professionals

£295 Plus £7.50/month - get one now.

A hardworking website for hardworking people. You may not have time to get too involved in websites, whether you have the inclination or not. A simplified version for business start-ups and those on a low budget, we'll build a stunning web page to kick-start your Internet journey.

Custom Website Design

From £795 Plus £16/month.

Most small business websites require a beautiful brochure site. We can deliver a unique, cost-effective website in a very short time. This is our Custom Website Design Service. Your own special design, implemented quickly at a fair and reasonable price. It comes with some optional extras, so choose what you need that fits your budget.

Bespoke Website Design

From £1,500 and from £18.50/month.

Some businesses want to really stand out from the crowd. This demands a sophisticated design, perhaps special features or additional functionality. This is our Bespoke Design Service. Just a few examples of such additions are:

  • logos or drawn images
  • bespoke graphics, such as cartoons, click buttons and animations
  • password protected regions on the site
  • client subscription systems

We like a challenge! Recent developments include a real-time airport transfer fare calculator, for private car hire company, and a private "carers's area", which a day nursery uses communicate with clients for reporting and invoicing.

Because of our long history, we have already developed components to support many more such requirements. Whilst our bespoke service costs more than our custom service, we can always provide a cost-effective solution to most requirements.

In all cases, our fair pricing policy means we only charge for the time it takes. We aim to make a living, not to "build shareholder value". We will always quote a fixed price for the work we undertake. If your requirements change, we will quote a fixed price for handling the change.

Why BlueTree?

  • What we design is unique to you, fully reflecting your company goals, image and ethos
  • All our websites are encrypted and mobile friendly
  • Update your own site with our really easy-to-use CMS, or we'll do it for you
  • No page number limits or restrictions
  • Add images and movies to your web pages, as many as you want (within reason :o)
  • Our websites are search engine friendly
  • Our Component-Based Development (CBD) methodology keeps costs down and quality up
  • Our Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques reduce timescales and meets deadlines
  • We provide a secure, on-line project area, where you can check our progress (excludes our Sole Trader package as there isn't time)
  • We host all our client sites on low carbon-footprint website hosting

Website Designer in Portishead, Bristol

We like to meet clients face-to-face so call now on 0117 339 0095.

if you're within an easy day trip from Portishead, we'd love to meet you in our home/office, so you can kick our tyres. If that's not possible, we'll think of something else, be it electronic or travel. We'll come to you if you're local, or we'll travel farther for big, interesting or charity projects.

access to ability home page

Access 2 Ability Website


Social Services Sector

“BlueTree delivered our exact requirements on time. We would definitely use them again and found them extremely easy to work with. We are not keen to recommend them to anyone else as we would like to keep them for ourselves!”

Richard Todd, Managing Consultant


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