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Image shows website responding to mobile, table and PC.

Update your mobile-friendly website on your laptop or PC, view it on all devices

Update It Yourself

Updating your own, mobile-friendly website is easy with BlueTree CMS. We want you to update your own site because you can:

  • Update it often: search engines favour live and interesting sites
  • Save on-going costs: no need to pay your web designer for updates
  • Make urgent changes promptly: no waiting
  • Motivate marketing staff by investing in their personal development

BlueTree CMS: It's Easy to Use

We've developed a very simple way for you to update your site.  It's known as a Content Management System, or CMS, because you use it to manage your website's content.

With BlueTree CMS, your website is just like any other business document. You update it yourself, or draft the words, then pass them to your secretary or PA to do the updates.

  • Very easy to use: like using a word processor
  • Maintains your brand: imposes site design and style on every page for consistency
  • Update directly onto the page, with copy/paste, undo, tables, images, and all the usual word processor features
  • Two-stage save and publish, so you can check the work before it appears on the Internet
  • Runs on any device with a web browser, anywhere in the world
  • Use your tablet or smartphone (though a smartphone's a bit small) for updates on the move

Check out some of the features below, or just get in touch!

BlueTree CMS Features

We use a fake business website to demonstrate our CMS and to test new features. It's called Portishead Pretzels; check it out here. Here are just a few of its features.

Site-wide Functions Give You Control

Once logged in you'll arrive at your home page - with a difference.

ezesite site-wide function buttons

Across the top you'll find a set of page- and site-wide function buttons. They include:

  • Add or delete a page: you have total control, with no page number limits
  • Website settings: your company data and links to your Social Media pages
  • Page settings: your choose the page URL, place in menu, page type, plus Title and Description meta-tags necessary for good search engine ranking
  • Image manager: you select the images, the CMS re-sizes them to fit the space(s) you choose to put them in, optimised for fast download to help your search engine ranking
  • Document manager: upload documents for your clients to download, link to them in any of your web pages, to help your customers and encourage re-visits

Control Your Brand

BlueTree CMS delivers empty web page templates, as many as you need. Together we design their format, so every web page you make supports your brand: logo, colours, fonts - the whole thing. Your web pages contain editable and non-editable regions, so you only need to worry about the content, not the style. Here's an example, our own CMS test-bed, a fictitious company called Portishead Pretzels:

strap line edit tool

See how the editable region is highlighted? This is your home page strap-line - the pencil icon shows this region is editable. Just click it and make your changes.

You can change the image, too, by clicking on the camera icon...

edit the home page image too

It's Just Like Your Word processor

Now we'll edit the home page copy. Click the pencil icon for that to see the editing toolbar:

text editor tool bar

Things to note:

  1. The rest of the page is greyed out, leaving you focused on the copy you're changing.
    (The phrase I'm about to change is highlighted in blue.)
  2. Formatting is preserved, so you see it as it will appear on your web page.
  3. The editing tool-bar has all the functions you'd expect, without being over-complicated. These include:
    1. bold, italic but no underscore - readers may confuse it with a hyperlink in web pages
    2. paragraph styles, to maintain brand image
    3. insert hyperlink, text anchor (for in-page hyperlinks), image, or table
    4. bullets and numbering, with sub-paragraphs

There's even a "Paste from Microsoft Word" button, that strips out all Word's special control characters that confuse web browsers and increase web page load time.

Why not get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your site further?

Secure Login Protection from Hackers

bluetree ezesite secure login

We don't want just anyone to update your website: only people you authorise.

To update your website you'll need your unique login name, a strong password, plus a random number to prove that you're human.

Want to Know More About BlueTree CMS?

Call now on 0117 339 0095 or use our contact form and we'll call you back.


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