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Where should I start with my new website?

BlueTree's Website Design Procedure has it all planned out...

We needed a really professional-looking website and we think we've got that! I was surprised how simple the process was - one or two face-to-face meetings, a bit of internet research, some skilful questioning from Dave, and we had an outcome we're really pleased with. Everyone we ask gives us positive feedback about the site. Managing the content and developing the site is very straightforward and Dave's very responsive if we need any guidance or extra support. Nicola and I would definitely recommend BlueTree.
Reverend Tina Hodgett - Founder, Birth and Beyond

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The Design Stage

The first stage in the process is for us to meet up at our premises (or via screencast and phone if you can't get to us) to develop the design together.
Working together like this, on one of our customised projects we usually reach a design you'll really like within one or two sessions.
Bespoke designs usually take 3+ sessions, with us developing the design further between each meeting.

Photo of Dave Fielden, Website Designer at BlueTree

We take a practical approach to the design stage, looking at your website marketing goals as well as the visual elements - a great looking website should also support your sales process.
Dave Fielden - BlueTree Website Design

Build & Test

After the meeting(s), once we have a finalised design, we move on to coding and testing in a private, temporary location on our local server. With all that finished, your website will be ready for deployment. It will comprise page templates, or empty web pages, based on your unique design.
Using these page templates you can build as many new web pages as you need. The templates will ensure that the look and feel of your website will be consistent. All pages will promote your brand and reflect your style.

We get your website looking great in the latest browsers, on laptops and mobiles. Not only that, we ensure backwards compatability in older browsers so it looks great for all visitors.

Train & Deploy

With the site fully coded and installed on our server, we meet again at our premises (or via screencast) to run you through updating your website with ezeSite.
The run-through covers adding text and images, creating new pages, deleting pages, etc.

ezeSite is designed to be easy to use, so the training isn't difficult. If you can write and send an email you can edit a web page with ezeSite.

Support & Hosting

ezeSite (our content management system) is designed to be as easy to use as possible - hence the name. But if you do get any questions our support/hosting fee covers full support of your use of your website.
Also, every now and then you get an image that needs cropping, or the odd bit of text that needs changing when you just don't have the time - we'll do that as well!
Not only that, we'll also keep your under-the-hood software up to date; any new features we add to our default ezeSite product, you'll get as well.

So why not get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your site further?


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