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We'll Make Your Website Quickly Using BlueTree CMS

When you choose a BlueTree website, you'll get to use our easy-to-use Content Management System, or CMS. You get all these benefits - and many more:

  • Full control of your brand on the Internet;
  • Fast implementation of your new, unique-to-you website;
  • A responsive website that works on static computers, tablets and smartphones;
  • A complete solution, backed up by support from our skilled webmasters.

BlueTree Website Features

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BlueTree websites are custom designed and built to meet your business objectives; to match, maintain and enhance your brand.

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Over many years, many clients, and many websites, we have evolved a formal procedure for website design. We like to work with with you, face-to-face. Working together like this, we can design a great website in double-quick time. You know your business; we know the Internet’s constraints.

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Over the years we have built a large library of website components.

We build new websites by reusing these components, making the process very fast. Think of them as Lego® bricks, which we clip together to build your unique website.

Whilst we build the website, you write the content. We use your content during the training workshop, which helps get your site up and running fast.

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More than half of all Internet searches are done using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). So nowadays, it’s even more important for usability to be good on mobiles. Our responsive websites work from one copy of your content, so you don't have to update two websites every time you make a change. They adapt their appearance to suit the user’s device, with no extra work from you.

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As soon as your domain is registered, we'll create a temporary web page that matches your brand and encourages visitors to get in touch with you. It begins the process of establishing your on-line brand and helps ensure you don't lose any sales leads.

It's important to have a holding page, as the standard ones displayed by ISPs won't collect visitor data and may display adverts.

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BlueTree CMS operates “in the cloud” so you can access your CMS anywhere, so long as you have an Internet connection. You only need a web browser and your private login details to edit your website. This means a busy business owner can add new content in a restaurant, say, whilst waiting to see a customer, on a train or at an airport.

If you spot a mistake, you can correct it promptly, there and then.

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BlueTree CMS gives you all the features you probably use in Microsoft Word – but none of the thousands of other features you never use. Consequently, it’s quick to learn and hard to forget. Need a quick update months after you last used it? That’s no problem.

And if you ever need a little help, just get in touch and we'll help you out.

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The final stage of the design and build process is a face-to-face training session. We do this in person, or using web conferencing facilities. Either way, content authors jump in at the deep end and use ezeSite to build their own website. It’s a great learning experience.

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The Internet has many pitfalls to catch out the unwary and the inexperienced. For example,

  • web pages must load quickly, requiring “on-page optimisation”;
  • web pages need proper addresses, like the page you're reading now, bluetree.co.uk/website-design/ezesite-features.php, not thezuzumen.com/?page_id=10. Apologies to The Zu Zu Men, a great Bristol band.
  • images need a description suitable for a page reader to speak for the visually impaired;
  • web pages should contain “meta tags” to help search engines understand them;
  • every website needs an “XML sitemap” to help search engines index it.

This sort of stuff can affect your search engine ranking, and you can pay a lot of money to have someone do it for you. ezeSite either deals with these issues automatically or leads authors gently through the process.

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Many “free” CMSs give you a “sub domain” of their own website, like mysite.ISP.com, unless you pay extra. So search engines think less of your site and your visitors help ISP.com improve its own ranking.

A real, top-level domain, like bluetree.co.uk, costs only a few pounds a year and is well worth the investment. We'll help you choose a suitable name and show you how to manage it.

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A “proper” email address looks more professional than a generic address, such as Gmail, Hotmail or AOL. It seems more trustworthy and indicates to search engines that you are serious about your business. They will reward you with better search ranking.

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Here at BlueTree we believe the global environment is important and worth investing in, for the sake of future generations. Green hosting is one way we try to do our little bit to help.

A UK-hosted website will display faster that one hosted overseas, which search engines will like, and the US Government won’t monitor your traffic.

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Everyone becomes stuck at some time or another, so it’s a great comfort to have a skilled webmaster at your beck and call.

If we set up your domain registration and TLD email, we’ll support those too.

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Should you wish to move your website to another provider, we'll be very sad. We'll ask you why, because we try always to learn from our mistakes.

We will unload the data from your website and deliver it in a form you can hand to your new webmasters for loading into their content management system.

All we need is a month’s notice. We’ll refund any remaining payments made in advance.

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