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Website Hosting for SMEs and New Business Start-ups

Complete Website Hosting Service

Our BlueTree CMS is cloud-based, so we host your website for you. We like to arrange hosting ourselves because we know you'll get a better service.

  1. You'll have all the features you need to keep your website on page 1
  2. All the server-side features we require, like regular back-ups and alerts, and page load speed optimisation features will be there
  3. Your site will be hosted on super-resilient servers to minimise down time
  4. If anything goes wrong, we'll talk to UK technical support staff who know what they're doing, without going through a call centre
  5. Web page load speed will be fast
  6. We won't need to charge extra to deal with unexpected problems.

BlueTree Website Hosting Features

Our websites are hosted by Memset, the UK's first green ISP. Award-winning Memset won PC Pro's coveted ISP award for many years, with over 99% of respondents saying they would recommend the company.

They're not the cheapest, but we chose them because, they give value for money. They deliver:

  • award-winning support and customer service team
  • excellent security, ISO 27001 certified, used by UK Government
  • high reliability, with 99.993% up-time
  • high speed: load-balanced, fast web page delivery, which shines consistently in our tests
  • low contention ratio: this refers to the number of other servers sharing one internet connection
  • UK-based servers, so your data is held in the UK and, despite electricity travelling at the speed of light, crossing the Atlantic does make a difference
  • No US snooping: and you website's not subject to other countries' laws
  • the UK's first carbon-neutral ISP, to complement your green credentials

BlueTree Hosting Added Value

We add value to Memset's offering for our clients. Included in your monthly fee:

  1. We'll help you select your domain name for best search results
  2. Unlimited use of our Content Management System to update your website
  3. A "proper" Top Level Domain email address (e.g. jenny@yourdomain.co.uk), required by many directories to manage your account
  4. Email forwarding to your personal email address, to save you running two accounts
  5. Full support for your domain, hosting, and email account, to get you out of trouble

Not only that, we take away the hassle of selecting an ISP, installing and managing your web server.

  • we'll configure your server, database and server-side software, and keep it up-ro-date
  • domain and DNS management, we'll register your website name and make sure it can be found on the Internet
  • we check website performance, availability and malware regularly
  • we'll back up your website and restore it when necessary
  • we'll handle your support calls - we speak their language - and yours
  • we'll manage your add-ons, like SSL certificates
  • we won't tie you in to a long contract
  • no charge if you want to move to another host - in fact, we'll unload your website for you, too, with no hard feelings

Website Hosting Designed for SMEs

If you're a BlueTree client, or would like to become one, and want to talk about hosting, please call now on 0117 339 0095.

Battery Point lighthouse, Portishead

Carbon-neutral website hosting for BlueTree clients around Bristol.


No Strings Website Hosting

We don't lock you in: just one month's notice. And, should you decide to part company with us,

a) we'll be sad;

b) we'll ask you why, so we can learn from our mistakes;

c) we'll unload your website in HTML format;

d) we'll compress it and send it to you.

Any web designer worth his salt will be able to load it into a new home and maintain it for you.

Why Not Call Us Now?

0117 339 0095, or Contact Us.



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