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BlueTree ezeSite - Option 1 - 2double7

2double7 Private Hire Taxis

2double7 are a fast-growing taxi company based in Portishead, and licensed in North Somerset. When Simon from 2double7 came to us they didn't have a website. Working together we:

  • Created a new website to promote the 2double7 brand;
  • Made them a responsive website, so it displays properly on mobile devices;
  • Built the site on our CMS, so they can update it themselves;
  • Linked their site to their social media pages;
  • Linked the site with their on-line booking service;
  • Helped them learn how to manage their website.

Visit 2double7's new website.

The web design field is huge and after taking advise of friends I opted to go with BlueTree as they were highly recommended and local to Portishead. The best move we have made for our business........FACT.

Experience and knowledge in the field is second to none (in my opinion). Not only have they designed and built a site that fits the market that we as a firm are trying to reach, they have helped in an online marketing strategy that will drive our new business forward in a positive way.

If you require help for your business, new or existing, it costs NOTHING to have a meeting with these guys....but it will open your eyes to what can be achieved.

Upmost respect and a huge thank you to the BlueTree team, for taking me through an area of which I had minimal knowledge..........and explaining every part of the process, in layman terms, from start to finish. Awesome job guys.

Simon Kitchen
Owner, 2double7 Private Hire Taxis


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