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The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy

The only one of its kind in Bristol, the Contemporary College of Homoeopathy offers high quality training courses, attracting students from the UK and beyond.
When Mike & Kate approached us they already had a website, but it wasn't mobile friendly, and they couldn't update it themselves. Working with Mike & Kate we:

  • Re-designed the website to create a fresher, more modern feel;
  • Made the website mobile friendly, so it displays properly on mobile devices;
  • Built the site on our CMS, so they can update it themselves;
  • Linked the site to their social media pages;
  • Created a custom diagram they can easily insert into the pages of their website;
  • Devised a way for them to add a mobile-friendly Google map on any page;
  • Helped them learn how to update and manage their website.

Visit the college's website.


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