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We make websites you update just like any other business document: you write the content, your secretary or PA publishes it.

Established in 1984 in Portishead, BlueTree has been designing and maintaining websites since before the turn of the Century. We work mainly with SME's within 50 miles of Bristol.

We take great pride in our work, speak plain, UK, English and like to meet clients face-to-face.

BlueTree services are designed for SME's: great, professional service with clear up-front prices.

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Website Design

We listen. We'll design the website you want. Our component-based method keeps costs down. Our formal procedures deliver on time. Our frequent reviews keep you in control.

BlueTree clients update their own sites using a very easy-to-use Content Management System. We can add our CMS to most existing websites.

BlueTree website design.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is changing. Search engines value well managed websites and useful, unique content. They don't like spam, over-engineered websites or overt optimisation.

Our work-together, step-by-step approach to SEO puts you in the driving seat and keeps costs under control.

BlueTree SEO.

Website Maintenance

Our clients update their own websites. This saves time and money, and puts you in control. The down-side is, inexperienced staff can introduce errors without realising they've done it.

With a BlueTree website maintenance contract, your site stays tip-top and our experienced staff are ready to help at short notice. All with you in control of both content and cost.

BlueTree website maintenance.

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Website redesign, logo and re-branding

“Our recent website and logo redesign by Blue Tree has proved they can deliver on both content and style. Our objectives were to incorporate the new Epicor “Business Inspired™” branding whilst updating our own Force 9 look and feel. Not only are we highly delighted with the result, but Epicor are too as they plan to showcase our new website to the other Epicor partners.

“Force 9 are extremely pleased with Blue Tree’s expertise and input into our project. The final design delivered on all fronts. We can certainly recommend them!”

Derek Sanderson, Managing Director,

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