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Back Up Your Website

  1. backup key on keyboard, by stuart milesHow often do you back up your website?
  2. Do you ever back up your website?

Reasons to Back Up Your Website

A website is a critical business asset and, with a few exceptions, it should be under constant development.  We know that search engines favour sites with useful content and you continually add more content to keep one step ahead of your competitors.

Over many years, we’ve seen only a few lost websites.  In every case the ISP automatically restored the website – but to an old version.  Not disastrous but,

  1. it took a while to discover the problem;
  2. it took some effort to get it back again.

Backup Ideas to Consider

  1. Check your ISP’s back-up regime and consider moving if you’re not happy with it;
  2. If you rent a virtual or physical server, make sure you sign up to the ISP’s back-up service;
  3. Be sure to test regularly that your back-up can be restored;
  4. After a big update, keep a copy of the site on your local computer, just to be on the safe side.

It doesn’t take long to organise a back-up, but it does require a consistent approach. Make sure your Business Continuity Plan includes your website.

If BlueTree hosts your website then you don’t need to worry. We back up our hosted websites regularly.  If you have a website maintenance contract with us we can include back-up testing as part of the package.