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key workers rainbow with delivery truck, NHS logo and heart

BlueTree Supports Key Workers

A Badge of Honour

We’ve added this logo to our website in support of key workers during the Coronavirus difficulties. We made the badge to say “Thank you” to all key workers, visible and less so.

The NHS logo sits on the back of a lorry, as an inclusive gesture to all key workers. The rainbow also indicates inclusion, this time of races, creeds and gender preferences. The heart shows the love our doctors and nurses must feel for all humanity to do what they do in such difficult and dangerous circumstances – and the love we all feel for them and everyone working to keep us going. The little blue tree is for us, the rest of us, sitting on the sidelines, doing our bit by staying in and staying safe.

Everyone Knows Key Workers

Everyone knows a nurse or doctor, or a family with one.

When you’re out on your daily exercise hour, you’ll probably see a lorry or van delivering things to keep the rest of us alive, a bus driver taking key workers to work, or a refuse lorry clearing up our mess. Their risk level is lower than that of NHS staff, but they’re more at risk than the rest of us in our self-isolation.

Meadows Day Nursery, Cheltenham, is one of our clients. They’re just another type of business working behind the scenes to help the front line of these virus wars. Whilst many nurseries have closed, Meadows is open, looking after the children of key workers, so they’re exposed to potential infections. Key worker mums, dads and carers are on the front line and their children could bring the virus into the nursery.

Stay Safe, Everyone

So, let’s all obey the rules and hope to come out of this in one piece at the end.

Thank you to the NHS and all care workers, pharmacists, bakers, posties, shopworkers, therapists, delivery drivers, refuse collectors… and all the other unsung, overworked, under-paid, often exploited people who do so much for our community under everyone’s radar. Coronavirus has raised their profiles. Let’s hope we – and our politicians and business leaders – remember them long after the dust settles and life returns to normal.

Or maybe we’ll have a new, fairer and long-lasting version of “normal”.